Section Overview

Security personnel must adapt to changes in their surroundings by regulating traffic flow, assuring the safety of individuals moving between and within places, watching and managing the entry and exit of people and vehicles, and observing and observing people. Security officers must understand how to handle these circumstances appropriately. The instructor equips his or her trainees with the information and abilities to evaluate the physical settings’ level of security, apply fundamental security principles to their jobs, and evaluate the effects of drug use in relation to personal and social safety.

Minimum requirements

  1. describe and explain surveillance and address the following surveillance techniques:
    • observing the physical environement
    • attending to environmental details
    • situational awareness
  2. describe the basic elements of security and include the following:
    • access controls
    • vehicle control and legal authority to perform traffic control duties
    • shift handover
  3. discuss drug effects, substance abuse and related drug paraphernalia:
    • relate signs of substance abuse and withdrawal including physical and psychological consequences

Note: This section consists of three parts: Surveillance, Basic elements of security and Drug effects.