Basic Elements of Security

When analyzing a scenario for risks and occurrences, security guards must handle people, vehicles, and equipment in a safe and courteous manner. The instructor covers the following fundamental security components:

  1. access control
    • ways to safely accompany people inside and outside of buildings
    • how to be ready for a task
    • contacting the appropriate people in the event of a security breach
    • how to inspect baggage, vehicles, etc.
  2. control crowd
    • how to build a barrier or staging area
    • how to secure a facility
  3. vehicle control
    • in an emergency, regulate vehicular/pedestrian traffic on business property or on public routes
    • tracking traffic movements
    • employing appropriate hand gestures to direct traffic
    • using traffic control devices
    • wearing the proper clothing/work attire
  4. shift handover procedures
    • how to update the next person on shift

Suggested methodology

  1. pre-reading on basic security protocols
  2. lecture
  3. video and discussion
  4. role playing with analysis and group discussion
  5. learning journal